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Our Vision

Sourcing environmentally friendly and sustainable products to satisfy a love of stationery is no easy endeavour. Conventional stationery can be harmful to the environment and difficult to recycle as it often contains metallic inks, plastics and excess packaging.


There's more plastic material in the open ocean than plankton. Plastic is being eaten by marine life, such as whales, dolphins, birds, turtles and fish, which is ingested directly and indirectly if eaten through the food chain. The chemicals present in plastic can be absorbed in marine life and cause adverse health effects to humans through the consumption of fish. Learn more at Plastic Oceans Org.


Australia's population growth, demographic and lifestyle trends are leading to increased packaging consumption and an overall increase in packaging waste, which accounts for approximately 9% of total waste generation in Australia. Paper and cardboard is the only material packaging type which shows a uniformly high level of recycling, with non-paper and non-cardboard material recycling rates being substantially lower. Learn more at the National Environment Protection Council Australia.

Our purpose is to inspire everyone to create an environmentally sustainable future.

Our vision is to promote sustainable and ethical stationery that empowers wildlife, environmental and humanitarian programs to drive positive change.

Our Story

Our product range has been carefully selected to ensure they are environmentally friendly from the end-to-end product life cycle - made from sustainable materials, are recyclable, and where possible, are re-usable and biodegradable. We also implement environmentally conscious processes to reduce waste, such as printing on demand and eliminating printed tax invoices and price labels.

We also go beyond sharing a love of sustainable stationery by donating 50% of profits to wildlife, environmental and humanitarian programs via World Wildlife Fund Australia and Care Australia.

By simply harnessing the collective power of a handful of volunteers, we have transformed into a means of long-term volunteering to give back to the community, raise awareness and inspire change.

Thank you for visiting our website and being part of our journey, we hope you love our sustainable stationery as much as we do.


Our Team

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Alice Kwong


Alice is a Sydney-based lawyer working full-time in contract negotiation and commercial management. She is passionate about animals, environmental sustainability, human rights and inspiring positive change. In her spare time she enjoys learning to cook, travelling and planning her next adventure.

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Andrew Charalambous


Andrew has a background as a full-time tech professional and a part time Masters of Commerce student with a passion for environmental preservation. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Technology as well as past experience volunteering in the not-for-profit sector, Andrew brings his skills to help further our vision and purpose. When he isn't busy volunteering with us, Andrew enjoys cycling, photography, cooking and trying to satisfy his wanderlust.

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Wayne Marshall


Wayne is about promoting positive social enterprises that progress the human condition. As an experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of working within the social enterprise and information technology sectors, Wayne passionately believes in the mission of The Paperworks Collective and in his spare time happily volunteers his knowledge and experience to help us succeed. 

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